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Kriti Gallery is offering support in art projects on making and marketing the art works with traditional handcrafts on special projects e.g. silk weaving, pottery, metal or stone works. We organise and facilitates photo shootings, painting classes, pottery workshops (though not on site ), book launches or music concerts on site or on the river Ganga.

Reiko Shimizu

Reiko a Japanese born artist residing in Calcutta worked for the month in the city of Varanasi. Her sacred hands installations in public spaces were well received and welcome. www.reikoshimizu.org/ People passing by ask what this gesture of hands mean.... offering... renouncing.... longing.... could be but begging... ? "yes, but before Divine we all are beggar" said a boy

Art consultancy

Art enthusiasts we support in finding and buying art. We consult in building your private art collection. For businesses we consult in building your art collection in accordance with your Corporate Identity and your Marketing strategies. We help you in selling your art work and also their positioning in the art market. Organisation and curation of exhibitions, cultural events, book launches and other events in Varanasi, India and abroad. Contributions and presentations in books and magazins.
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Date : 23/10/2012

Photographer’s Fellowship Fund Award

Photographer’s Fellowship Fund Award Photographer’s Fellowship Fund is conceived as a response to the need for supporting photography as art in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the city of Banaras. The award will be given to an on going work of a photographer who has a careful eye and a unique way of looking that communicates the artist’s personal vision of the her/his surrounding.This award is made possible through the Art for Banaras Initiative of Kriti Gallery in collaboration with Hindustan times. A three-person jury will grant the selected individual a sum of Rs 10,000 as part of the fellowship and the photographs will be published in Hindustan Times. The jury panel comprises of Petra Manefeld, Nandita Raman and Norman Smith. Petra Manefeld works as a director at Kriti Gallery and coordinates international collaborations. Nandita Raman is a fine art photographer based in New York. Her work has been exhibited most notably in Center for Documentary Studies, NC and Columbia Univ
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Date : 22/04/2015
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