Artists In Residency Program

About Kriti Residency

Kriti Artists in Residence provides a space and a platform for artists to start their creative journey in India.
As an artist you focus on your work, research and your ideas.
Connect with the local communities and their culture, be it crafts people, other artists or people living here - Varanasi has a story to tell.

Our networks in the field of arts, crafts, heritage, education and through the city as well as India will
help you to engage with
 the local communities and their culture.

The residency provides private studios and space for your work and contemplation.
We share common space and time during meals and leisure time in the garden. We can decide on joint activities e.g. walks in the city, field trips, joining local events or Sunday cooking.

The Residency is ideally located in the city with green tranquil space for contemplation and peace yet not far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. We are like an oasis in the city, eager to facilitate artistic pursuits and support the making of the art as well as the sharing within and outside the city.

We accept applications all year round for monthly residencies.

Next to artists we also welcome researchers and artistically inclined people with a special project in mind e.g in the field of journalism, social science, environment or heritage etc.. Please talk to us......

List of Residents
Resident Name Country Duration Field of Art Comments
Melissa Haviland Dec 2014 Fine Arts
Mi Yeong Nov 2018 Installation
Gabrielle Baker Australia Feb - Mar 2019 Installation
John Williams Australia Feb 2019 Photography
Bronia Ivanczac Australia Jan-Mar 2019 Photography, projects, curation
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